Ionic 3 - use iOS style on android for selected components

Hello, I am developing an application with the use of Ionic 3. I would like my app to look the same on all platforms and I want to use a kind of a mix of android and ios styles. In general, I will go for android (md) mode of the app, but I want to override certain elements to have ios styles. For example, I would like my toasts, popovers and alert to have ios style and transition animations.
I know that animations can be set in config with the ‘popoverEnter, Leave’, ‘toastEnter, Leave’ etc.
I can’t get the styles to work however…
I can’t seem to find a way to do it, please help :slight_smile:
Thank you

At first, if you want to apply the same look and feel of IOS or Android for all platforms you can specify it using that Also you can find there some recommendations about overriding ionic styles, be careful because it could be tricky and could create some issues, so try to follow the recommendations in the ionic framework docs.