Ionic 3 tabs in innerpage

How to add tabs inside the inner page of ionic 3.
i need two tabs inside a inner page of my application.
here iam using ion segment button for that purpose but i cant able to change the view when we change the tabs.
how to implement tabs inside a page or any other alternative solution for that.

Have you tried the Ionic tabs app example? If you load that up, you can use that as the inner page to get the result you may be looking for. I did something similar recently.

Here is the GitHub repo:

and this specifically (both the html and ts):

Actually i didnā€™t wants tabs in my homepage.
I need only in ineerpageā€¦

by following above can i get that

So basically, you would use the tabs method but instead of putting your whole app in the tabs, you would set the page you want to create using the tabs and then within that you would create the groups section and the other section like in your screenshot as pages within that tab page which is your inner page of your app.

I hope that makes sense.

i have created a tab page and following code



tab1Root: any = ā€˜GroupsPageā€™;
tab2Root: any = ā€˜ChatPageā€™;

but when we load the GroupPage it doesnit show the tabsā€¦ there is no error in the console too.
i think i miss some tricks

I solve the problemā€¦
need to points TabsPage.

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