[Ionic 3] sub-footer that is positioned above bottom tabs

My tabs are at the bottom of my app exactly where I want them to be. However, I’d like to have a subheader that rests above the tabs. I’m having a difficult time figuring out how this should work.

I tried adding a footer to the child page that the tabs will load, but the footer shows up below the tabs.

  • This is behavior I don’t expect and don’t understand, bonus points if you can explain why the child’s footer appears below the parent component.

I’ve tried putting the tabs in the footer below a toolbar containing my sub-footer, but that breaks the tabs functionality.

  • More bonus points if you can explain why the tabs can’t be placed in the footer. It seems like an obvious place to keep them.

I tried adding a toolbar to ion-content, but that subjects it to to the bounce and scroll of ion-content (i.e., it’s not anchored directly above the tabs)

I’ve tried moving the bar up with .CSS but that seems break everything (I’m probably using .css wrong)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Is this possible in Ionic 3, using the tabs component?

Found here: