Ionic 3: PUT with Ionic Native HTTP


I am using an REST API to access some data.
The Ionic Native HTTP-Plugin only give the opportunity to make GET and POST Requests.
To access this API I need to do a PUT Request (otherwise, with GET and POST, I get an 405 Error).
Does anybody know how to do this?

Thanks for help!

There a good reason why you need to use Native HTTP instead of Angular http?

Here is an answer for your question though:

Native HTTP requests are noticeable faster than using the Angular HTTP methods.

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I will update the HTTP wrapper tomorrow. Looks like we missed to add some new functions.

Nah, PUT and DELETE are only in a (broken) PR but not in the plugin itself.

Hi @adgehrke where you able to use ionic native and make a post?

We can not send DATA to serve using post, and are running into this error:

@LoLStats perhaps Native HTTP is noticeable faster, and that sounds good. But it does not support posting data in json format! So Content-Type application/json seem to be not allowed! :cry: