Ionic 3 Proxy not working when deployed on Server

I am new to ionic and right now using ionic 3. I am trying to use ionic proxy in order to solve CORS issue and its working fine on my local environment but when I build my app using ionic build and deployed on server my proxy doesn’t work.
Can somebody please help me out. Many many thanks in advance.

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The are a feature of the Ionic CLI and only work when running your app via ionic serve of the CLI. You will have to find another solution for your problem for actual deployment of your app.

so you mean to say that ionic proxies are not added in build files ?

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Yes, the service proxy is offered by the Ionic CLI when running ionic serve.

Yes, I’m wondering the same.

I’ve in my ionic-config.json this proxies.

"proxies": [{
            "path": "/auth-proxy",
            "proxyUrl": ""
            "path": "/byte-proxy",
            "proxyUrl": ""

but, when I do the “build” and host in another server doesn’t work’s!

Someone can help me?