Ionic 3 mysql

hi i’m am very very new to ionic, may i know how do i connect ionic 3 to mysql with the help of php and run it on localhost? i understand that we must put the link of our domain at the specified page.ts but the thing is i don’t have a domain as i just want to run it on localhost… This might help you…

ionic even has a plugin called sqlite try this

I think you need to create API for your app to be able to communicate with the MySQL

the top link is broken…-_-

sorry but i don’t understand this part, do i need to put the link of the domain? but i don’t have one and i just want to run it on localhost‘’,data, options)

localhost is still fine. You dont need to have a domain compulsorily

Not if you’re trying to run on a device, it isn’t. localhost is the device in that case, and it wouldn’t make much sense to even try to have MySQL and/or PHP running on a phone.

Sorry for wrong answer and thank you for correcting me.Yes if i had run on phone it doesn’t make any sense. I agree with you

i see hahah thanks for pointing that out i never thought it’s because of device tbh hahah

hahah thank you for the suggestion!

it’s okay and thank you hahah!!