Ionic 3 Media Background Problem

Hi fellow developers,

I have the following problem:

I have a tabs application, which connects to firebase, downloads music meta data in custom objects(having title, artist, URL…) and then I download the file and further play it on my device directly from the storage. For this to work I have a “Library” tab where I just list the songs with titles and authors and then using the following html and .ts I push the SongPage with the song object.

<button detail-none ion-item (click)=“pushSong(item)”>

let tempSong = new SongModel(song.getId(),song.getTitle(),song.getArtist(),song.getURL());
this.navCtrl.push(SongPage,{song: tempSong});

I’m using the Native Media plugin to play the .mp3 file. And now the problem:
When I click the song the first time everything is okay and I can listen to the song, I can even skip back and forth using my controls and everything. As soon as I just go to some other tab from my tabs AND THE SONG IS PLAYING I can’t return to the same state of the SongPage I left it. But, if it is paused, there is no problem and I return. Can you help?

I fixed that using Modal, so that you are forced to be on the screen. I’m saving the state and everything, which is good, but I can’t still access the same model when I close it. For example if I leave music on from one of the modals, I can’t stop it after. Moreover, I don’t have a solution for background