Ionic 3 Local Notification (with buttons)

Hello everybody!

I’m looking for a way of creating a notification “spotify-like”, meaning with a button which will trigger a function inside my app, to be specific this function will be either a call or a sms.

Is it possibile?

I’m reading right now the katzer plugin which is state to not beign compatible with ionic native, what does that mean?

I just wanted some clarification, sorry for bothering ya all :slight_smile:

I found out I could not use actions, which is what I wanted right now using Ionic.
Thus in order to make actions works, I needed to add thus:

actions?: any[]

Inside the .d.ts file of local-notifications

Right now I’ll try to handle the button clicked option, and then i want to make the notification persistent (like that you can’t simply swipe to make it disappear, like the system one).

If anyone have already faced this situation I would gladly hear out how they have done it :slight_smile:

I learned that only android can have sticky notification, good enough.

I still had to add:

sticky?: boolean;

In the module declaration to make it works, is there any better solution?