Ionic 3 link inside checkbox label - (click) event not fired

When I put a link with a (click) handler inside ion-label then this handler completely ignored. Which means I even cannot use stopPropagation() trick.

<ion-item no-lines>
        terms and conditions <a (click)="gotoTerms($event)>link</a>
    <ion-checkbox formControlName="terms"></ion-checkbox>

If I put link inside ion-item but outside ion-label then it is simply stripped out. Ionic, seriously? :slight_smile:

Could you please advice how I can implement this very common control?

it’s not the best solution, but it works if you use a button instead of the hyperlink. Than you can use scss to make it look nice again

    <ion-label>Ich akzeptiere die <button ion-button tappable (click)="openAgbPage()">AGBs</button></ion-label>
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Oh, thank you so much, that really works. The key is actually ion-button attribute. With it in place link becomes clickable

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