Ionic 3 ion-title misaligned vertically and small

When I run ionic serve and view in chrome, I see this most of the time:


and occassionally it appears correctly, like this:


Specifically the first time after I run ionic serve it shows correctly, after that it shows like the first pic.
Here’s all of my header code:

  <ion-navbar color="header-portfolio">

Running on Windows 10. When I deploy to Android the problem doesn’t exist, but when I delpoy to iOS it does! Strange!

There’s also this strange, but maybe telling result if I hit f12 twice in chrome, notice the quick adjustment made right after it returns to phone view:

Additionally, rendering on iPad size screen doesn’t show at all (except for the first run after ionic serve):


Running ionic 3.19.1 and cordova 8.0.0

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!