Ionic 3 From Blank

Is there a link of commands not available with ionic 3 upgrade,

we are following the tutorial for ionic 2 from blank and some of the commands like ionic lab
ionic generator is not available for the latest version of ionic cli

after our upgrade

Ionic CLI is not Ionic Framework. Which one are you talking about exactly?

What do you mean by that?
Ionic Generate: Create Pages, Components, & Angular Features

i read an article for v2 that you can generate new pages or providers using the command you gave,

though i have not try that command in v2,
after the upgrade to ionic 3 not sure if the CLI got updated to,
when i try the generate command for providers i got a feedback that it is not anymore available

What did you do to “upgrade”?[quote=“mongonzales, post:3, topic:94470”]
when i try the generate command for providers i got a feedback that it is not anymore available

Post your ionic info output please.

that is the message when i use ionic lab,
although it does not exists anymore based on the available commands, is there a way that it can be used for V3?
also for the generate, if possible

dont remember how i did the upgrade but i think i followed the one in the web, using npm install ionic, i think
not so sure about it though sorry

Ionic CLI v2.1.14 is pretty old and not Ionic 3. So you actually did not update. Run npm install -g ionic to actually do that.

I’m probably becoming a heretic on this issue, but I am boycotting CLIv3 over the mandatory requirement to sign up for some sort of account in order to run ionic resources, so if you wish to stay with version 2.2.3, I think that is perfectly fine, and will willingly support you.

@rapropos 2.2.3 you are talking about the CLI right?

i am starting with a blank project, can i use that CLI for ionic 3 and add pages providers and use lab perhaps?

my main problem is that i want to try to start a project from a blank template but after looking at that template it is pretty blank, not to mention the tsconfig to match the one for the tab template,

@Sujan12 any idea how i upgraded to Ionic 3 without running those commands? i think i run that command because my previous project does not run anymore and followed the upgrade procedure the community has provided and it runs as it did before,


Yes, yes, yes, and not sure, as I have never used this “lab”.

I don’t think you can as cli 2.2.3 was around for ionic 2 beta times, there wasn’t even a “src” directory back then as is now post ionic 2.

if you’re starting from blank, might as well start from latest cli, tutorials for ionic 2 would mostly still apply for ionic 3 as ionic 2 is basically still ionic 3,

i am confused. the only way to install the CLI is thru ionic install , if i do ionic@2.2.3 will it revert back to ionic 2

“ionic 2” isn’t really a thing. You can use the ionic CLI 2.2.3 with the current (3.4.0) version of the framework with no problems. I am.

Ionic CLI is not Ionic Framework. You probably edited some stuff in package.json of an Ionic (ionic-angular) 2 project, so it became Ionic 3.

Problem is right now you are working with a CLI that doesn’t match any of the currently published documentation, we are all working with newer CLI versions and your problems might be caused by bugs, that were solved in newer versions of the CLI.

The current CLI works just fine with old projects (back to Ionic v1), there is absolutely no reason not to upgrade to the most current version if you are having problems right now. Stuff will definitely be better after the update.

i will try to upgrade
Thanks @Sujan12

npm install -g ionic should take care of it.

Hi @Sujan12 the new cli is so cool ^_^:sunglasses:

Thanks again