Ionic 3 File opener Issue (Status:9 message:file not found)

HI guys,
I stuck with an issue, here is the scenario

  1. I would like to open an local pdf/any document file and have to show in ionic 3 application.
  2. here the screen shot shows the local file path in the console (ie.,. current url is)
  3. but the issue now is the ionic native file opener plugin is not opening the document and showing the error like (Status:9 message:file not found)
  4. but path is showing in console

No idea what is happening…any idea?

did you get any new solution ? please help

Hello. Did you solve your problem? How?

better instead of using DocumentViewer Plugin use this plugin ng2-pdfviewer and change according to your need.

But beware of your angular version
If you are using angular 4 have to use

npm install ng2-pdf-viewer@3.0.8 --save