Ionic 3 error, exec proxy not found for :: PayPalMobile :: init

I follow the steps to install and work with PayPal-Cordova-Plugin from here

and everything goes ok !
But when i run the command : ionic cordova run browser
i got this error :

Error: exec proxy not found for :: PayPalMobile :: init
( Missing Command Error cdv-plugin-paypal-mobile-sdk.js:41 )

and even when i try it on my android device i get the same problem :frowning:

can any one help me to understand what happen and what wrong i have done !?
thank you :slight_smile:

@rapropos do you have any idea about this issue ?
Thank you to save my life :slight_smile:

I solve it
all what i do is : run this command after plugged in my device

ionic cordova run android --device

(ionic cordova run browser is not working with me)

and i make it production mode