Ionic 3 - Detect VPN connected

I need to check in my Ionic 3 APP if there is vpn connection opened by some google app.
and get the details of the vpn which connected.
I try to use this plugin cordova-plugin-vpn but there is no any api docs and nothing to know how to check this plugin.
There is any solution?

I can’t really understand what you’re asking here. You want to know if some other random app running on this device has opened a connection to somewhere that is doing encrypted tunneling? If so, I can’t think of any way in which that would even be remotely possible, unless you knew the specific fingerprint of the tunnel it was using, and perhaps not even then.

I looked briefly at the plugin you linked. It provides an encrypted tunnel, so the only presence/absence it would be reporting would be involving connections that it itself has forged (which makes sense). It can’t report on connections it doesn’t initiate.

If you want to detect a VPN then you need to connect your VPN server to the servers of your previous IP address that provides the simplest method of checking.