Ionic 3 - Deploy


Hi everyone !

First of all sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:
I’m trying to make the Deploy function work with Ionic 3. I’m using it on Ionic 2 and it works fine.

Here is my problem, when i deploy a new version of my app, the app detect the new version, download the new version but i have an error when it extract. I use the same code on ionic 2 app and it works.

Here is the error and my code :slight_smile:

This time it’s the .ds_store file, but sometimes it’s a css file.

Any idea ?

Thanks !


Update your CLI to 3.0.0 (see Ionic CLI v3 released!) and the CLI plugins to 1.0.0 and upload again - there were some minor problems that were fixed. This could be the result of one of them I think.


Thanks a lot ! it’s working perfectly !