Ionic 3 client unable to start app behind proxy

I’m having problems while trying to start a new ionic app from command line, using corporate proxy
I’m with linux. I’ve been able to upgrade npm, ionic, etc. to latest versions.
When I run the command, I get this

mypc:~$ node -v
mypc:~$ npm -v
mypc:~$ ionic --version

I’ve set proxy for apt, for bash, etc. Then tried this

mypc:~$ PROXY=http://proxyip:1234 ionic start pruebaApp
? What starter would you like to use: blank
[INFO] Fetching app base (
✖ Downloading - failed!
Error: connect ETIMEDOUT

tried this also (with and without sudo)

mypc:~$ set proxy=http://proxyip:1234
mypc:~$ ionic start pruebaApp

Ovbiously, I can download the pointed file through browser.
Tried also with sudo

Does anyone know which could be the problem? Or how to debug this problem to see what’s wrong

I would complain to whoever administers the proxy. It’s their job to make you not have to worry about stuff like this.

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I’d like to see you complaining to the proxy’s administrator that manages more than 4000 workstations and check if he disables the proxy only for you… :rage:

Same issue with Windows behind proxy too, An issue has been raised in github Ionic 3 CLI unable to start project behind proxy . No solution yet tho :disappointed: