Ionic 3 client unable to start app behind proxy


I’m having problems while trying to start a new ionic app from command line, using corporate proxy
I’m with linux. I’ve been able to upgrade npm, ionic, etc. to latest versions.
When I run the command, I get this

mypc:~$ node -v
mypc:~$ npm -v
mypc:~$ ionic --version

I’ve set proxy for apt, for bash, etc. Then tried this

mypc:~$ PROXY=http://proxyip:1234 ionic start pruebaApp
? What starter would you like to use: blank
[INFO] Fetching app base (
✖ Downloading - failed!
Error: connect ETIMEDOUT

tried this also (with and without sudo)

mypc:~$ set proxy=http://proxyip:1234
mypc:~$ ionic start pruebaApp

Ovbiously, I can download the pointed file through browser.
Tried also with sudo

Does anyone know which could be the problem? Or how to debug this problem to see what’s wrong


I would complain to whoever administers the proxy. It’s their job to make you not have to worry about stuff like this.


I’d like to see you complaining to the proxy’s administrator that manages more than 4000 workstations and check if he disables the proxy only for you… :rage:


Same issue with Windows behind proxy too, An issue has been raised in github Ionic 3 CLI unable to start project behind proxy . No solution yet tho :disappointed: