Ionic 3 - Cancel button for Barcode Scanner on android

I am using barcode scanner for my ionic 3 app. The plugin has cancel button for iOS. But there is no such button for android. Can someone help me on this? You can also suggest me other barcode scanner plugin, free or paid. However, I need scanner for barcodes only, so QRScanner plugin did not work for me.

give a try on this:

The original version dont come with barcode support, see this on how to add barcode support:

Thanks, I will give this a try

I tried the solution for QR Scanner and it worked. But the solution is not consistent. Sometimes it works like a charms and I can scan barcodes one after another. However, sometimes it does not work, even if I kept scanning the code for 5 min.

Try give a delay (1-2sec) on each scan success.

Ok, will try it and let you know.