Ionic 3 - Build a customer satisfaction survey app

Hi to all,

I need to build a customer satisfaction survey app.

This are all the features I need:

  • Two typer f user
  1. CUSTOMER : this user have to compile a standard survey every day (about 13 question in total)
  2. DEALER: this user only have to wiew some CUSTOMER (so many DEALERS with access only to some assigned CUSTOMER)and have the possibility to recive push notification when the survey value of one or more customer are not good
  • Only a login page, same for CUSTOMER and DEALER (we whant to create the profile from a back-end)

We are now using Firebase, but whe are having some problem trying to understand the best way to build this app.

This is the error we get:

Cannot read property 'setRoot' of undefined

Thanks a lot for the support


indepent to the rest.

This failure message means that whatever.setroot doesn’t exist or doesn’t exist at run time. Search in your code for .setroot and clarify why whatever does not exist.

Best regards, anna-liebt

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You might want to use angularfire2.


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Thanks a lot, so login problem is now solved.

Simply using in app.module.ts:

imports: [

Now I don’t know the best way to create this different “DEALER” user that have to “read” only some selected CUSTOMER data…

Any idea?

Thanks a lot for the support