Ionic 3, 4 & VPN

Hi all,

Has anyone faced this issue? So I am building a mobile app that connects to my work DB using per-app-VPN.

Ionic 4 for iOS only loads/sits at the splash screen and never passes it (I believe its the default error page). Tried using a blank application and had the same result.

I switched back to Ionic 3 using the VPN I was able to pass splash, log in and connect to our database. Would prefer to have both iOS and Android on the same Ionic 4 framework.

Thanks in advance!

did you found a solution ?

The only solution was to downgrade iOS to Ionic 3. (Only thing that worked)

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i am already work with ionic3 , can you give me the working code i am blocked here more than a week in this issus

Can you pm me with more info

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i try to let the user connect with his own vpn , so i use /cordova-plugin-vpn , but i get always the error UNKOWN-ERROR , this is my code
const options = {
vpnHost: userhost,
vpnUsername: username,
vpnPassword: userpassword,
caCertificate: 'userca,
userCertificatePassword: usercertpass,

  function(result) {
    console.log('result ', result);
  function(error) {
    console.log('error ', error);

, can you see any missing thing or do you know any better plugin ?

Try any other available VPN here, even free ones for testing purposes. Every VPN works differently, so you can be ready for any result. Some will work while others fail.

Just don’t use Tor, there’s an article on Legaltorrents in the new section, explaining the cons of this tool, it’s definitely worth reading.