Ionic 3.1.1 using ionViewCanEnter with push did not catch the false response


Before upgrading to Ionic 3.1.1 from Ionic 3.0.1 this problem does not exist.

After upgrading to Ionic 3.1.1 pushing to a page with the NavGuard, the navCtrl.push().catch did not catch the error.

In my RequestPage I have this NavGuard written:

ionViewCanEnter():boolean {
 	return this.auth.authUser();

In my homePage I have this push to the RequestPage

  pushRequest() {
      .catch(()=> this.pushLogin());

This should pop up the login page, but now has no effect at all, and no errors either.


I see this is being added to milestone of Ionic 3.2.0 on github, I guess this is an issue since Ionic 3.1.0