Ionic 2 with moment.js and moment-duration-fomat


would like to use moment-duration-format extension for moment.js in an
Ionic2 app for duration formatting.

I installed moment and moment-duration-format with

npm install moment --save
npm install moment-duration-format –save

and the TypeScript definition for moment-duration-format

npm install @types/moment-duration-format --save

All core moment.js functions compile correctly, but the format function of the
moment-duration-format extension not:

import * as moment from “moment”;
import * as MomentDuration from “moment-duration-format/lib/moment-duration-format”;

let diff = moment(this.endTime).diff(moment(this.startTime), ‘minutes’);
let duration = moment.duration(diff, ‘minutes’).format(“h [H]”);

Error:(122, 67) TS2339:Property ‘format’ does not exist on type ‘Duration’.

I hope anybody knows how to use an moment.js extension.

Here is answer. Works for me