Ionic 2: What is the new way to make an ion-footer-bar?

I’m building a messaging app using Ionic 2. I need the typical “input area + send button” at the bottom of the messaging view. How can I achieve this? I think is no longer supported in Ionic 2.

you just want a sticky footer?

<ion-header></ion-header> <ion-content></ion-content> <ion-footer></ion-footer>


How about this approach?

in html
    <div class="bottom_bar">
    <!-- put some elements here -->

in scss
    position: fixed;
    bottom: 2vh;
    width: 100%;

Did you find any solution?

I was looking for the same thing that’s how I did it.

      <button ion-button icon-end block>
            Get A Price
          <ion-icon name="arrow"></ion-icon>

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