Ionic 2 Training?

Is there any Ionic 2 training available ? I haven’t been able to find a formal training offered by a company.


has two Ionic 2 courses which I have taken but I must confess the errors really slowed me down and I would not recommend them.
Josh Morony
Has an Ionic 2 book coming out very soon which I think will become a great reference and I intend on purchasing right away.

I found a training institute named Ampersand Academy, Their reviews were good, they offer a 30 Hours Ionic 2 Framework Course online and classroom training. They were also offering customized course curriculum, course schedules and venue options.

I believe they offer workshops as well as corporate training. Their one on one sessions were definitely helpful.
Here is the link guys: Ionic Framework 2 Course

I’m aiming to provide Ionic 3 discussion over at:

I also have a course - Learn Ionic 3 From Scratch

I can recommend both Josh Morony’s book, and the FullStackIO book on Angular. Excellent customer service in both cases, and high-quality content.

Since March this year I offer a membership site with video courses, projects and a community called the Ionic Academy!

You can ready more about it inside Max post but of course the post is already a bit old now.

If you have any questions to the content inside, just check out the page and course library or directly ask me!