Ionic 2 Tabs without Root

I have a very long document that is displayed in sections, and the sections are all displayed within the content so that conventional scrolling works.

I would like to have tabs that simply make calls to a function that will use scrollIntoView() within the page, to take the user to different sections. I thought I could use a tab with just an (ionSelect) event handler, but if I leave off the [root] object I get a white page of death.

Is there a way to use the nifty tabs area without requiring a change of the root page for tabs? I have simulated it using publish and subscribe, but a lot of things are lost if I have to reload the whole page each time, not the least of which is efficiency.

I have tried another workaround using segments, but in that case the nice tab location handling is lost.

P.S. I should have mentioned that I get no errors or warnings in the console when I see the white screen of death. There is a Plunkr here: that demonstrates the problem. It works fine as is, but if you simply remove the [root]=“rootPage” from tabs.ts you will see only the “Hello” text on the page and nothing else. Yet the documentation shows that you can use tabs with only an (ionSelect). I must be missing a key point.

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I am also trying to do this, and I am too getting just a white screen when I remove all the [root] elements from my tab list. @davidquinnjacobs did you ever find a solution?

I ended up doing without tabs, and that worked, more or less. I’m moving to vanilla Angular 2 for most things now, unless they need to be native.