Ionic 2 storage string, get a strange string

hi guy , i am trying to storage user’s LoginId and token by use storage ,after use login in. but i encounter a strange scene.
i referred this post
Ionic2 arrays in local storage
Store objects in LocalStorage

import { Storage } from '@ionic/storage';

  constructor( public storage: Storage, public service: MemberService) { }

 console.log('LoginId'));'LoginId').then((result) => {
      } else {'LoginId', "NotLogin");
     //   this.rootPage = IntroPage;

console shows as below:
it can get a setted item loginid but very strange. i do not know why.
is there any other good way to save the data for a period or while?
anyone who can give me guidance? Thanks

t {__zone_symbol__state: null, __zone_symbol__value: Array(0)}

i try it again. it suddenly work fine.

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