Ionic 2 slides height


How can i set slides height to auto? Now every slide height is the same and i need them to be their contents height not the biggest slide height

my slides code is this

tablesSlideOptions = {
initialSlide: 1,
loop: false

@ViewChild(‘mySlider’) slider: Slides;

onSlideChanged() {
let currentIndex = this.slider.getSlider();
this.selected_day = (currentIndex.activeIndex + 1).toString();


Can anyone help me? I need answer quickly it’s important


create a plunker and post it here

people will listen more and try to solve your problem

any way i am not sure what you want to do changing the height of the slide, why?
what you want to achieve? in that case why don’t you try to add another page
please clarify and provide a detail explanation?


if my explanations wasn’t enough clear, then see video on youtube
As you see even slides with small content have vertical scroll and i want to fix this.
Any ideas?


@mhartington can you help me? i have searched in google but didn’t see any solution


Share some code. I cant help by looking a video.