Ionic 2 Rc1: How to clear app history and cache on Logout so, previous data should not visible


I am having issue of maintaining of data in cache when user logout, when new user login the old user data still visible how to clear that data.

i am using ionic service which contain http calls and i am saving data in ionic service variable so i can access throughout the app, how to clear those variable. please guide how to do that.


Assuming you are using Storage for data,if Yes, you can clear the data like this;


but i am using Angular 2 service and saving , getting all data from that service, how to flush out data from variables.

Hey, did you find any solution to that?
I have the same problem as I want to clear the data saved in my service vars, because on logging, the ionicViewWillEnter takes the old saved value.

Please help :slight_smile: