Ionic 2 - Problem with sidemenu template on Android

Hi everyone

Today I decided to try Ionic 2, I created a new app without specifying a template and it works just fine, then I created another one using the “sidemenu” template and after I open the sidemenu once it just freezes and I’m not able to keep navigating through the app (even though the events are displayed in the console).

It only happens on ANDROID in both device and web, Is it a known issue?

Thanks a lot !

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Yes, it is an issue with the latest alpha version (45). More info here: Ionic 2 alpha.45 sidemenu broken

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I see, thanks a lot! I hope that the Ionic Team solve this problem soon :wink:

This is fixed in the latest release (alpha.46). You can run:

 npm install ionic-framework@2.0.0-alpha.46 --save

to update it.

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Glad to hear that, thanks for the update :smile: