Ionic 2 plugin

Some plugins are not part of inoic 2 yet, like SMS.
Is there any way to use those platform functionalities?

just like the ionic 1.

I am not familiar with Ionic v1. Can you please be more specific?

What I did was like:
ionic plugin add cordova-sms-plugin
then I don’t know what to import and how to Inject.


1、> cd d:\ionic-starter (The project root directory);
2、> ionic plugin add cordova-sms-plugin (Ensure that you have properly installed Ionic@alpha,ionic 2 Recommend using this command)or cordova plugin add cordova-sms-plugin(ionic 1 Recommend using this command);
3、> Read the plugin documentation on NPM(this:

Basically all the cordova plugins don’t need to be inject to use. They are held in the html window level variables. The reason why ngCordova is existed is:

  1. It indeed simplified many usage of plugins (file mostly), with the promise structure.
  2. It helps you to get into angular digest cycle.

As far as I know in angular 2 (which is used in ionic 2), digest cycle and dirty checking are both very different from angular 1. If you are using typescript to develop, you may need to check how to use global variables in your script, but if you are using javascript directly, simply use to use all plugins.