Ionic 2 new grid system not align button size as like responsive-sm

Ionic 2 using new grid systemIonic’s NEW Responsive Grid
I need help about button size with new grid system as like using old responsive-sm attribute. When we used responsive-sm with rows, the buttons inside in rows can arrange the with automatically. How can achive this with new grid system ??

    <button ion-button icon-left col-12 col-sm  (click)="uploadImagesToFirebase()" [disabled]="uploader.queue.length == 0 || !isEnabledUpload">
      <ion-icon name="cloud-upload"  ></ion-icon> Upload files to Firebase
    <button ion-button icon-left col-12 col-sm color="danger" (click)="clearFiles()">
       <ion-icon name="remove-circle"></ion-icon> Clear files

Solved the issue with above code