Ionic 2: login with google+ works in browser but not in smartphone

i succee to do login with google+ into my app. when i check it in chrome\explorer when i run my app it works fine, but when i check into my smartphone or emulator of android it shows me login successful toaster(pop up) but it stay in the same page of login without doing nothing.(it’s just happen when i press on login with google +).

in addition,when i press login with invalid details it’s shows the icon loading and it stuck.

this is my code: app.module.ts => app.module.ts


this is my service provider code:

this is my login page code: login.ts

photos from my smartphone

first photo: loading while invalid login details- loading without shows any error pop up of user\password not correct and it stuck

second photo:while press on google+ shows user successful but without enter to home page–> in browser it’s works fine.