Ionic 2 issues (android 4.2 - click delays/white screen on app resume/ css issues)

I started playing with ionic 2 yesterday.

i used tutorial template to begin with but the css id not proper even in starter template check this. **Tested on android 4.2**
**In browser it looks different.** **on device back button and title is also showing on wrong side**

Another issue

I tried ionic conference app from here


  1. when app is opened splashscreen is shown and everything is normal. but while resuming minimized app the blank white screen is shown for long time.

  2. for every click in the app action is triggered after some delay . it feels laggy.

For demo, check the gif below

Everytime time i click on any tab the tab is changed after a delay. check the tab clicks. its not only for tabs but throughout the app the click events are triggering after a delay.

Help is appreciated

ionic2 officially supports Android 4.4+ and requires Crosswalk for versions less than this (e.g 4.2 which you’re testing); please see

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Thats really sad :frowning: ohh mannnn… i just closed the editor and cmd after reading :stuck_out_tongue:

well thanks for that having a look

No need to be too sad…market share of Android below 4.4 seems to be dropping around 1% per month so by the end of the year it’ll probably be <12% (around 20% as of now). I’ll be making the decision whether it’s worth adding Crosswalk (downside being that the app size will increases a lot if I do add it) by looking at the market share at the time when I’ve finished my app and when ionic2 is at RC stage.

yes crosswalk is the option for sure . but size exceeds 25 MB. client wants it below 10 MB maximum 15 MB of ionic 1 app.

Now, i have commited that crosswalk will be added for kitkat 4.4 below and for versions above the size will be less.

About that i am still confused will it be possible to upload different kind of apks based on architecture and version at the same time and the the order in which they are to be uploaded.
like for kitkat below there will be x86 and armv7 apks above kitkat one single apk.
resulting in 3 different apks.

in order to avoid all this , i thought ionic 2 app will be a improved version which wont need all this and i would migrate app .

@Sumeet123 I would recommend you to read about Multiple APK Support.

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