Ionic 2 ion-slides Index attr, Having issues

Hey guys, Max here!

Im having an odd issue with my slides, it keeps starting on the third slide. Ive used the index attr and set it equal to 1 but still no change.

<ion-slides pager loop="true" autoplay="true" index="1">

    text text text

    more text text text


If anyone knows a quick fix id love the help.

It’s a bug in the latest released version. It will be fixed in the next release which will hopefully be tomorrow. I’d link you to the issue but Github is currently down. :smile:

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Did the issue get resolved? i updated but still starts on slide 3 for me.

Yes, it should be working. If I pass index="2" on the conference app I am seeing it start on the third slide, and without it it starts on the first:

<ion-slides pager index="2">

Maybe compare your code to see if there is something going on?

Ok so i think ive figured out the direct cause of my issue with index. Oddly enough, it wasnt the index attr at all.

My code:
<ion-slides pager>

This by default sets my index to one which is exactly what i need, the issue comes in when the loop attr is introduced

What i want:
<ion-slides pager loop='true'>

Then causes the first slide to be shown to actually be the last one and the index attr some how doesnt override whatever loop is doing. Any known hotfixes?