Ionic 2 installation throwing errors

I am getting errors while installing ionic 2
My Node js environment has been set up for using Node.js 5.10.1

Command throwing error npm install -g ionic@beta


I believe it still not support Node.js 5 yet, I still using Node.js 4 at this moment.
Refer to the installation page, the recommendation still Node.js 4

Thanks for reply…
I update my node .js with 4.4.2 version so now its not throwing any error but while trying to create any project using ionic 2 then its creating ionic 1 folder structure instead ionic 2.

ionic start cutePuppyPics --v2


I experience this before. So what I am doing is uninstall the ionic first, and the reinstall then new ionic v2, and it works now.
Perhaps you can try.

try to update your node --version

Thanks its working now.
I just remove previous version completely from program file and app data folder then installed latest version.