Ionic 2 grid. Word does not display even though there is enough space

Hi guys,
so I ve been trying to create a form in ionic 2: What I want is to have the user input the amount and then the currency from a list with ion-select.
I would like something like:
Amount curr
The one next to each other and not underneath. So I tried using grid. Even though it seems to be working the currencies seem to not have enough room to be displayed, instead 3 dots appear.
This is strange since I am using, for example, EUR,USD etc which are really sort.
My code looks like this:



    <ion-col width-45>
        <ion-input [(ngModel)]="Amount" placeholder="Amount" type="number"></ion-input>

    <ion-col width-55>
        <ion-select [(ngModel)]="Currency" >
          <ion-option *ngFor="let curr of currencies" value="{{curr.UID}}">{{ curr.ISO }}</ion-option>

Thanks in advance