Ionic 2 files Encryption plugin

Hello , is there any plugin or a way to encrypt Files saved on Data-Directory inside the app folders.
I’m using camera plugin to take the images and File plugin to move them .

Thanks .

Instead of going

  1. Get file data (by taking a picture or whatever)
  2. Save encrypted file data

Presumably via some Cordova plugin, couldn’t you just go

  1. Get file data
  2. Encrypt file data with own function
  3. Save encrypted file data

And when you want to use the file

  1. Get file data
  2. Decrypt file data

You’d just need to make some functions for the encrypt/decrypt of the content of the files. Maybe this can be of use?

I have exatcly the same scenario.
There is cordova plugin called File Encrypt.
But unfortunately after I installed the plugin cannot build the application.
Getting this error:
error: package does not exist
How did you managed to encrypt the images?
Thank for your help.