Ionic 2 Crosswalk for Android: this.platform.height()/width() inconsistent result on this.platform.ready() event

(FYI I’ve posted the question on SO also)

I use Crosswalk plugin for Android with Ionic 2 and I’ve noticed, when running on a real device, that this gives an inconsistent result:

this.platform.ready().then(() => {
        console.log("this.platform.height(): " + this.platform.height() + " / this.platform.width(): " + this.platform.width());

Sometimes I get height and width both > 0: in this case it works.

Sometimes I get height and width == 0: in this case it does not work.

My assumption is that there might be another event in Crosswalk to notify that it is ready to display the right height and width.

I had a look around this Crosswalk web api page but I did not find what I was looking.