Ionic 2 angular http get request loads the same data from remote storage


Hi everyone, I’m using ionic 2 angular http get request, I got data correctly for the first time load, but after making some changes to the remote server no changes appeared on app till I cleared cache data. So I wonder, others told me that the data has been cached but I don’t know how to overcome it, I tried to use observables so to get changes in real time but still the same… Your help please


One dirty hack solution: Add a random parameter to the URI you are requesting.


You Man u ar so Intelligent … I thought abt t but i was afraiding to try, then after ur reply i tried and it works…THanks much much ,God bless u …


This sounds like something that should get fixed on the server side.


is it ? can it be because of headers ??


It’s hard to say more without seeing what exactly is going over the wire.


let me work on t, will let u know