Ionic 2/3 video freezes on app minimization

I have a simple html5 video element and am playing a mp4. When the user minimizes the app the video is stopped at the time the app was minimizes, e.g. if video is 2 min and user minimizes app at 1 minute, when the app is reopened the video resumes from 1 min.

I would like to have the video continue playing in background or alternatively have a callback function when the user enters the app after minimization and then I can add a #t=60 at the end of the .mp4 URL to specify where the video should start or use some code to specify start time of video etc.

How can I find out when user comes back from minimization or continue the app running while minimized?

 <video *ngIf="videoreveal" autoplay #media id="singleVideo" preload="auto" poster="assets/imgs/bg.png" playsinline webkit-playsinline="webkit-playsinline"  >
        <source src="{{videoreveal}}" type="video/mp4">