Ionic-1.0.1 Close modal

After updating ionic with ionic-1.0.1 I have a problem. I start with a modal. Closing this modal doesn’t work anymore. My Is fully blocked. After bring back ionic-1.0.0 all is working as expected again…

I haven’t had any problems updating to 1.0.1.
If you open it with $ and you haven’t changed $scope.modal you should still be able to close it with $scope.modal.hide().
Can’t do much without piece of code.

After some tweaking and put in some debug code Here is wahta I found. It seems that sometimes my templates are not loaded the moment I do an openModal. This is want I thing it is, because in console I see an error thrown: show not a function of undefined. This happens only since ionic-1.0.1. Solution for now is before I try to open the modal I check if the modal is present. I hear people thinking why not daley the open with a time-out. Simply because this dont work.