ionFullApp cordova.js missing

I purchased ionFullApp and added database connectivity. When I run it on the local server (I am using MAMP), I get a console error saying ‘cordova.js file is missing’ 404 not found. Why is this?

To follow up, I read in the documentation that the cordova.js file will be created once I add and build android. When I try to add android I get an error saying jshint file not found, error 1.
why is this happening?

Because it is not meant to run this way. Read the docs on how to test an Ionic project (hint: ionic serve).

Probably a “jshint file” is missing and was “not found” if the error says so. What does it say exactly?

If you bought the ionFullApp (whatever that is) - is there no support with that?

When I run the ionic serve command , it runs fine, but with no backend. How do I test it with a backend?
ionFullApp is a starter app which I purchased and I have posted in the comments section that they’ve got, but it’s inactive.
The starter app is basically just the front end, and I am trying to add a database connection to it and test it.