IONCHANGE in ionselect


Hi am new to ionic 2 so pls help me. can you give some example for ionchange in ionic 2 for using ion select…Eg. i have 4 option so if i choose one option it ll show the one box, If i choose 2 then it should become the 2…so can you show some program like this.


ok let me give you a hint if you don’t need two-way databinding. In your template you can define a select html element as below

 <ion-select name="periodSelected" ionChange="onChange($event)" >
  <ion-option value="1">Ex1</ion-option>
 <ion-option value="2">Ex2</ion-option>

in your component.ts

if you do need two-way data binding, then you have to use ngModel.



Thank you. It worked


this is not worked for me. no error it didnt log that event it didnt stop on breakpoint

because ionChange=“onChange($event)” should have (ionChange) need ()



console.log console.log($; has error


it works


Thanks @saber13812002
You saved my time.