'ion-toolbar' is not a known element angular 13 ionic 6

I did try to upgrade from ionic 5 to ionic 6…

show is not a known element for all ionic component without exception…
please help me to fix that…

i use node version 14^ globally
and agular 13 in local project not globally
and ionic version 6 globally

I had this issue with something else and then I upgraded my extensions. Maybe check that if you have not already?

Possibly caused by missing ionicmodule import in the module declaration for that component

If you want to test if your environment works, try a starter app

So two pointers from my part

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no it does not work dear

i tested on starter app and have the same issue and ionicModule added in appModule and home.module.ts

maybe post some of your code in a public repo so others can review for you? or even your package.json file

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I fixed This issue after many days::

This issue back to Angular Language Service vs code extension.

1- Update vscode to latest version
2- remove and reinstall Angular Language Service
3- Download the .vsix file for the release that you want to install from the releases tab.

Do not open the .vsix file directly . Instead, in Visual Studio code, go to the extensions tab. Click on the “…” menu in the upper right corner of the extensions tab, select “Install from vsix…” and then select the .vsix file for the release you just downloaded.

restart vscode will fix your issue as mine

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