Ion-textarea does not allow selection or movement on actual mobile or in browser

This is for an Ionic 2 application I’ve been working on.

Put simply: on Android devices and in the browser (the only things I have access to) ion-textarea text is unselectable and users are unable to navigate. This makes editing impossible. You have to backspace forever and retype everything. This obviously… isn’t going to happen.

When clicking on ion-textarea on Android, the keyboard pops up and that’s about it. You don’t get the grabber and you can’t press-to-hold select. It’s useless.

I’ve posted a quick recording of this in a VERY BASIC example (example with extra variables removed). The top box is a normal, functional textarea (with content in the tag), the bottom is the ion-textarea (with content in a variable bound via [(ngModel)]. That’s literally what the HTML is and what the component is doing ( = “asdfasdf…”). In the video you can see the view jump around-- that happens when I select ion-textarea.

This seems like a pretty basic scenario.

The obvious workaround: use textarea. Perhaps I’m concerned about nothing… I have no idea what ion-textarea does over textarea.

I have the same problem as you,
did you find a solution ?