Ion-textarea disabled attribute

<ion-textarea  [disabled] = "buttonDisabled" [(ngModel)] = "ServiceDetails.description" rows = "4" class = "input-textarea-custom"  type= "text" name="description" placeholder=""></ion-textarea>

    --background : #ccc;
    opacity: 0.7;

Hi, am unable to customize the disabled pseudo class of ion-textarea…
I also tried putting it in global.scss, but no luck

Updated to anyone who is also facing same issue,
use the setFocus Method available in ion-textarea api to set the pseudo class ‘focus’ and ‘disabled’ for both ion-input and ion-textarea,
Example :

// Html 
<ion-input [style] = 'inputStyle'  #myinput (focusout) ='cursorLeft()' (focusin) = 'inputFocus(myinput.setFocus())' class = "input-custom"  type= "text" >
// TS

    data.then(() => {
        this.inputStyle = { border: '2px solid #5E63D8'};

    this.inputStyle = { border: '0.5px solid black'};