Ion-Tabs inside Ion-Tabs wrong content displayed

Dear Ionic-Community,

I’m starting to develop a app in ionic and i’m already facing my first problem:
What i’m trying to build, is a applications which has three tabs, each containing another three tabs (I call them inner-tabs) inside. The error that occurs, is that at the first load of each tab, the content of the second and third inner-tab overlay the content of the first (active) inner-tab. Thats because of the

of the Second and third inner-Tag are not beeing hidden, and i dont’t know why.
Sorry for the confusing explanation.

Here is an Example of what i’m Talking about :

I’m using the current Beta 13 and already having an quite ugly workaround for this by programmatically selecting the second tab and then again the First One.
I hope someone can help me solve this Problem with a better and more performant Solution.

Thank you very much in advance!

No ideas why this happens anyone ?

I get exactly the same problem! Very annoying.

Did you manage to find a fix?

Not a nice one. I’m only having a very dirty solution for this, by programmatically selecting the second tab and then again the first one whenever the first tab gets loaded the first time.

I hoped to get some help from one of the Ionic-Moderators, but still so response as you can see.

So could anyone please help us with this problem or fix the error in the ionic-framework if there is one, because it seems that I’m not the only one facing this problem.

Thank you !

Hi @tf1308, Apologies for the long delay. Just revisited the project and fix this. How have you done this programatically?


Just to let everyone know, I updated to the latest version and this problem is now fixed :smile: