Ion tab selected tab color wrong


this is how my tabs.html

<ion-tabs tabsPlacement=“top” [selectedIndex]=“tab_index”>
<ion-tab tabIcon=“megaphone” [root]=“tab1Root” tabsHideOnSubPages=“true”>
<ion-tab tabIcon=“eye” [root]=“tab2Root” tabsHideOnSubPages=“true”>
<ion-tab tabIcon=“notifications” [tabBadge]=“badgeCounter” [root]=“tab3Root” tabsHideOnSubPages=“true”>
<ion-tab tabIcon=“menu” [root]=“tab4Root” tabsHideOnSubPages=“true”>

this is my tab.ts

this.tab_index = this.navParams.get(‘tabIndex’)

if i want to navigate from other pages to specific tab:

this.nav.setRoot(TabsPage,{tabIndex: 0});

the right icon tab is highlighted

but when i navigate from tab to tab by clicking each tab icon, it goes to the right tab, but it highlighted the wrong tab icon