Ion-spinner not showing consistently on iphone 4s

Anyone else seeing this? On initial load of the app, the spinner doesnt show. Then on some requests it doesnt show. This only hapens on iphone 4s and works fine on iphone 6. (havent tested androids yet)

I have a constant in app.js that controls the ion-spinner and loading config.


.constant('$ionicLoadingConfig', {
  templateUrl: '<ion-spinner></ion-spinner>'

then show/hide using


Works as expected in broswer as well.


.constant('$ionicLoadingConfig', {
  template: '<ion-spinner></ion-spinner>'

you had templateUrl, instead you should have template

sorry @mhartington that was a typo when drafting up the email for simplicity. (my project links out to an html file, although i’ll probably change that since im now just using ion-spinner in the template with no text)

There seems to be a delay on iphone4s when calling .show(), in which my service gets called before the spinner/loading backdrop is shown. My service makes about 30 https requests to different domains using $q.all and aggregates the results into 1 large array along with some additional logic. This doesnt happen on iphone6 so I’m not sure why there is a delay on iphone 4s.

I can get around this by adding a 300ms timeout around the service call, but I would hate to delay the service for all devices if this is only happening on specific devices.

Is this common to have to delay a specific service in order to allow enough time for the spinner to show?