Ion-slides with lazy load not working

I have referred for more functionality, as per documentation & example.

page.ts file
public sliderOptions = { loop: true, pager: true, preloadImages: false, lazyLoading: true }


<ion-slide *ngFor="let image of product.images;">
  <img data-src="{{product.imagePath.main+image}}" class="swiper-lazy">
  <div class="swiper-lazy-preloader swiper-lazy-preloader-white"></div>

but it’s not working…!! and shows a null image in
<img src="null">

Help me as soon as possible…

Try [] instead of data-src to pretend Angular to change it automatically to the “src” attribute. Hope this already helps :wink:

Oh I just saw the “null” problem. With this I cant really help you sorry.

Try <img data-src="{{product.imagePath.main}}{{image}}" class="swiper-lazy">

Hi! did you find any solution to this issue?