Ion Slides in Super tabs Ionic 4

Hey Guys,

I am facing problem with the Ion-Slides in Supertabs…

When I try to slide the ion-slide manually , the supertabs slides and switched to next tabs…

Here is my code structure.

Home Categories offers orders
				<ion-slide *ngFor="let middle of middleBanner">
					<div class="slider-img">
						<img src="{{this.image_url_bs_banner+middle.banner_name}}">
		<ion-nav [root]="category"></ion-nav>
		<ion-nav [root]="offers"></ion-nav>
		<ion-nav [root]="orders"></ion-nav>


Please help me out…

Hey guys I have got the solution and working also… but getting an error on first time compiling… here it is…

In ts file

tabConfig: SuperTabsConfig = {

	allowElementScroll: true,
	shortSwipeDuration: 180,
	dragThreshold: 40,

In html were we have defined the supertabs,

<super-tabs [config]=“tabConfig”>

and now on compiling its giving this error

ERROR in src/app/pages/homepage/ - error TS2304: Cannot find name ‘SuperTabsConfig’.

** 21 tabConfig: SuperTabsConfig = {**

Any solution…???

After many trials, Finally I got the solution for the above error, Instead of writing the Configuration in TS file , just right all the configuration in the HTML file directly thats all.

Now the Slider in Super-Tabs Working fine… :slight_smile:

<super-tabs [config]="{allowElementScroll: true, shortSwipeDuration: 180,
dragThreshold: 40}" >